The Success of a Black Woman Filmmaker

Maggie Papikyan

Comm 137 Spring 2016

The success of a black woman filmmaker would come from the ability to create content that is universal and relatable to all. Female directors of color are typically expected to make films that solely pertain to their culture and heritage, such as the civil rights movement. But it is unfair to typecast a director, all directors should be able to create content addressing any stories or themes that they are passionate about. They should not fear rejection, nor should they worry if people are going to accept their bravery to successfully make these films. Sure, validation from your peers and the rest of the industry is very important… but that is not what defines the term “success”. I believe that success for a black woman filmmaker would be having the ability to connect with a larger audience, regardless of race or color. In an interview with Chicago Tribune, Sergio Mim’s stated, “The truly good movies are universal… they deal with issues that everybody can relate to. Regardless if the film is a black film, has black characters, or white characters, or Asian characters, or Hispanic characters — a good film transcends.”


Taking that into consideration, the film Love and Basketball successfully covered multiple themes and reached a broader audience. It touches on personal obstacles, chasing your dreams, discovering yourself, family turmoil, gender bias, and more. Monica and Qunicy’s relationship was exciting to watch and very relatable. We are also finally seeing a female character who is strong and driven, yet still romantic and able to fall in love with the boy next door. There is something in this film for everyone to relate to; its universal and definitely meets my definition of success.


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Author: Comm 137 Spring 2016

Navigating the microevolution of culture through the individual experience as expressed through the lens of the black woman filmmaker.

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